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Roland VAD306 E-Drum Set - perkusja elektroniczna

Roland VAD306 E-Drum Set - perkusja elektroniczna
11248.00 (brutto)

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producent: ROLAND
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Bartek Brewczyński
telefon: 25 640 38 70
e-mail: biuro@midi.pl
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Roland VAD306 E-Drum Set

Roland VAD306 E-Drum Set, V-Drums Acoustic Design, shallow-depth wooden drum pads save space and provide a realistic rebound, setconfiguration: 1x 18"x9,5" kick drum (KD-18), 1x 12"x4,5" doube-zone snare drum (PDA-120LS), 2x 10"x4,5" double-zone tom (PDA-100L), 1x 12"x4,5" double-zone tom (PDA-120L), 1x 12" dual-zone hi-hat pad and controller (VH-10), 2x 12" dual-zone crash pad with choke (CY-12), 1x 13" dual-zone ride pad with choke (CY-13R), Roland TD-17 drum module, 310 sounds, 50 preset kits, 50 user kits, quick record, coach feature, WAV-samples can be imported by SD/HC-card, Bluetooth 4.2 transceiver for streaming music from your phone to the module wirelessly or MIDI to compatible devices, sounds inspired from TD-50, sound adjustable by pitch, dampening, snare strainer tension and buzz, reverb, compressor and equalizier for each channel, global bass and treble equalizer, smartphone holder, multipin connector (Trigger In) for 8 pads, 2x 1/4" jack trigger inputs for additional pads, 2x 1/4", jack main outputs, 1/4" jack headphone output, stereo 1/8" jack Aux-In, MIDI Out, USB to PC (USB Audio and MIDI), hardware set containing 3x cymbal/tom combination stand, multiclamp to mount drum module, delivery without pedal, snare stand, hihat stand and throne,


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